A unique investment with enormous growth potential

Location, location, location: those looking for an investment with high returns and unprecedented growth prospects will find exactly what they are looking for in The Banks.

“Brussels is the capital of the European Union and home to a lot of big multinationals,” said Kristof Schellekens, spokesman for project developer Triple Living. “Every year our capital attracts more and more expats and highly educated high potentials. And those will effortlessly find their way to The Banks.” Indeed, the visionary housing project offers a solution to the acute shortage of quality, affordable housing in and around Brussels. In total, the project brings more than 200 sustainable and quality housing units to the city.

Did you know that compared to other metropolises in Europe, Brussels is currently still very affordable? This is unlikely to continue, as demand for centrally located quality rental apartments continues to grow.

That The Banks is eagerly awaited is not only because of its spacious and quality homes. The vibrant, green neighbourhood, accessibility and excellent central location near Tour & Taxis and bustling Noordwijk also add to the project’s appeal.

Brussels Kanaalzone has unprecedented growth potential

The Brussels Kanaalzone is currently undergoing a true metamorphosis. With new bridges and parks, cultural attractions and projects  such as The Banks, the old industrial zone is slowly but surely becoming a very attractive meeting place. The Banks’ Masterplan is strongly committed to quality of life for residents and is consistent with the major greening and upgrading of the wider area.

In front of The Banks’ buildings will be the long-awaited Becopark, a wide 3.2-acre green boulevard, opening in 2024. Becopark will be 750 meters long and will run from Sainctelette to the Redersplein at the UP site tower. In all, as many as four parks are planned in the nearby area, including a large landscape park on the nearby Tour & Taxis site. That park, like The Banks’ green space, was designed by landscape architect Bas Smets. Becopark and the park at Tour & Taxis will also be connected, adding a large expansive green oasis to the project.

“The Sky is the Limit”

In the long run, The Banks and its surroundings offer unprecedented growth potential. “’The sky is the limit’ for this neighbourhood,” Schellekens said. “Thanks to the development of Tour & Taxis, the area has already received an incredible boost in recent years. Creative enterprises, cultural events, services, retail and innovative initiatives: they have made this neighbourhood a vibrant place to live, work and meet, where young people and professionals flock to in large numbers. In the future, the location will become even more interesting for investors. For example, the Centre Pompidou, a 35,000 m² art museum will be built on the former Citroën site. The old freight station on the Tour & Taxis site – the Gare Maritime – will become a giant market and events hall. And those who want to cross over to bustling Noordwijk can soon do so by going over the Suzan Daniel bridge. For a long time, that was the neighbourhood’s missing link.”

5 excellent reasons to invest in the Brussels Kanaalzone

1. The central location, close to bustling Noordwijk and within walking distance of the cozy Flemish Quarter

2. The many green spaces in the neighbourhood: from Becopark on the waterfront to large landscape park of Tour & Taxis

3. Popular hub for creative businesses, retail and innovative initiatives

4. Growth spot for cultural and social initiatives: arrival of Brussels Centre Pompidou and market and events hall Gare Maritime.

5. More and more wealthy expats are discovering the area as a place to live. Through our experienced renting service, which specialises in expats and has an extensive network with major foreign companies in Brussels, you are assured of a worry-free and effective investment.

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